Thanks to the wonders of technology almost anyone can take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Software which incorporate these are becoming more and more user friendly – for example, Tophyre. Why not maximize on these great concepts and apply it to your recruitment processes? Read on to learn of great tips to hire the best candidate for your company.

Screening Process with AI

AI can be used to implement automated screening processes such as situational question analysis, technical question analysis and video profiling (more on this below). Instead of conducting such questions over the phone or in person, you can use AI to do it for you. It is an advantage for both you and the candidate because it saves you time and the candidates are able to do it at their convenience. This ensures that the candidates give their best, thus leading to you gaining a better representation of each candidate.\r\n\r\nTophyre uses the above screening processes and more to deliver the top 10% of talent to your organisation

AI for Building Relationships with Candidates

Building a relationship with candidates has never been so easy. Gone are the days when people used to phone each and every candidate or ask all of them to come to the office for something small. Use AI to automate updates to your candidates. You can also use AI to inform candidates about your company culture and history. Candidates will appreciate the updates and feel valued before even commencing work at your company

Eliminate Bias

Adding that human touch is not always beneficial. Sometimes bias happens unconsciously, for example if a hiring manager sees that a particular candidate did the same course at the same college they had went to, immediately the hiring manager would gravitate towards that particular candidate because the hiring manger knows how intense the course was.With AI and ML these types of bias, or any type of bias, is completely eliminated. Tophrye provides the Top 10 percent of candidates for your particular role and company without any form of bias

No Cheating on Video Profiling

No Cheating on Video Profiling

Use video profiling to reduce cheating. In a questionnaire or pre-test interview it is very easy for candidates to ask their friends or research online for answers. With video profiling these are completely eliminated. In addition, video profiling helps you see the small nuances and body language of a candidate without evening seeing him or her in person. Obviously, this saves time for both the candidate and you! TopHyre uses video profiling to provide you with the Top 10% of talents specific to your needs

The Benefits of Using AI for Recruiters

AI has truly made things easier for recruiters. I’m sure you are already starting to plan how to incorporate this into your business. There are many benefits of using AI, especially in terms of recruitment, but more on that next week.’, ‘Tips to Hire the Best Candidate Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning)’

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