None profit organisations are different from traditional companies. The most severe difference being that the main aim of non-profit organisations is not to make a profit, but rather to strive towards a certain noble course.  As such, non-profit organisations cannot always match or bet a specific salary that would be offered by other large commerce companies. This poses a challenge for non-profit organisations in finding talented candidates. Read on to find some tips in attracting talented candidates as a non-profit organisation.

Use Personal and Volunteer Experiences as a Factor

Look for candidates who have volunteered for non-profit organisations before. This gives you an idea of how passionate candidates might be. If a candidate was willing to do all that volunteer work for nothing, I would imagine they would make a great non-profit organisation employee. It might also be the case that a particular candidate might have a personal experience that has pushed him or her to want to be a part of a certain non-profit organisation. For example, a cancer survivor might want to work at a cancer non-profit organisation so he/she can help other people. This is a great idea, because these kinds of candidates would have a specific skill, knowledge, and experience that cannot be gained elsewhere.

Look for Passion

Rather than hiring someone that has specific knowledge or skilled in certain areas, rather hire a person who is passionate towards your course. Someone who is passion towards what a non-profit company is trying to achieve will be happier working for the company and more likely to stick around. In addition, non-profit organisation employees tend to perform tasks of various positions. For example, an employee could be an accountant at the organisation as well dealing with HR roles and responsibilities. So, by hiring for passion rather then skill set the organisation will still benefit.

Be upfront with all candidates at the outset

Yes, your non-profit organisation probably cannot pay as much as the next company, be honest about it at the outset so that candidates can decide if they are willing to take such a position. At the same time do not be modest about the benefits of working for a non-profit organisation. In this day and age, the salary amount is only one component of the benefits offered by a company. Highlight the levels of satisfaction, achievement, heroism, etc. that can be experienced often in a non-profit organisation. Do this so the candidates can make informed decisions for themselves at the outset. Thereby not wasting your time, or theirs.Non-profit organisations tend to face more challenges when it comes to getting talented candidates, than their for-profit counterparts. Using these tips and the help of online, intelligent hiring platforms such as  , non-profit companies can get talented candidates at a fraction of the time, stress free

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