Tips to Attract Talented Candidates as a Non-Profit Organization

None profit organisations are different from traditional companies. The most severe difference being that the main aim of non-profit organisations is not to make a profit, but rather to strive towards a certain noble course.  As such, non-profit organisations cannot always match or bet a specific salary that would be offered by other large commerce

Influence of Technology in the Hiring and Recruitment Industry

Technology has changed the world. We cannot imagine a life without it, even though historically, it only came about recently. Like every industry, technology has highly influenced the Hiring and Recruitment Industry. Read on to see how, and why you should embrace technology in HR practices. Saves Time One of the most apparent facts is

Benefits of Implementing Office Festivities

Festivals are important to many people, but a lot of people do not associate work with the celebration of festivals. Office festivities bridges this gap. Yes, the celebration of festivals in the office will take some time, and maybe a nominal amount of funds, but the benefits are great. Read on to find out the

Tips to Hire the Best Candidate Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning)

Thanks to the wonders of technology almost anyone can take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Software which incorporate these are becoming more and more user friendly – for example, Tophyre. Why not maximize on these great concepts and apply it to your recruitment processes? Read on to learn of great tips to hire

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