Festivals are important to many people, but a lot of people do not associate work with the celebration of festivals. Office festivities bridges this gap. Yes, the celebration of festivals in the office will take some time, and maybe a nominal amount of funds, but the benefits are great. Read on to find out the benefits of implementing office festivities.

Natural Induction

New recruits might be tense at formal office orientations. Celebrating office festivities together greatly helps with their induction. Office festivities are stress free, and appears to have nothing to do with work. Employees therefore more easily communicate with each other. Freshers are able to meet employees are all levels of the organisation and speak one on one

Levels the playing field

Office festivities serve to eliminate the organisational hierarchy, at least for a limited time. This greatly helps in increasing teamwork and cordial relations among employees. It is a more natural and “authentic” way as opposed to team building exercises. It also helps employees engage with supervisors and top-level management in a more human way.

Increases inter-departmental bonding

A lot of the times the employees of the different departments do not really know each other and have not interacted before. During emergency situations when departments have to work together, this could be problematic. Inter-departmental bonding is an important aspect for a business especially during turbulent times where change is the only constant. Office festivities greatly helps in increasing inter-departmental bonding. Festivities are one of the few things that employees from the different departments will have in common, so it’s a great place to start forming relations.

Forms a stronger bond between company and employee

These days, it is much more common to have employees working for a company which is far away from their home town. A lot of the time these employees cannot attend festivities in their home town. Office festivities greatly helps with the need of feeling like a part of a community. Employees love celebrating festivities with some sort of group and celebrating with the office helps not just in employee happiness but in forming a bond with the company and the employee.We hope these benefits have sparked some ideas for your next office celebration. Enjoy!

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