Companies spend a sizeable amount of time and money to conduct interviews and identifying right candidate, thinking that candidates will be shortlisted and join soon. From candidates perspective it is an opportunity to be invited for interview by company he/she is aspiring to join. Still not everyone shows up which is disheartening and frustrating as an employer.

Yes there are many more candidates who gets an interview call from the prospective company but does not show up. As per the latest research done by a group of CHRO team and CPHR team, Here are some key reasons why candidate does not show up

  1. Representation of Job Description : The roles and responsibilities mentioned in interview letter offered to the candidates is not exciting enough to attend the interview . The candidate does not see any challenges and growth in next few years so they opt out.
  2. Cumbersome interview Process: Sometimes candidates has to appear for screening process that last for multiple days. This causes impatience and subsequent disappearance from interview.
  3. Anxiety: Feeling I am not fit for the role !!! candidates may not want to go for interview due to their nervousness and anxiety. Interviews can cause people to become extremely anxious, and they skip it. Fear of interview can cause applicants to skip interview.
  4. Communication Gap: The candidate is not duly informed by the company through Email or post or call communicating about time or location. Sometimes the candidate gets interview letter very early that (s)he forgets or very late that (s)he could not make necessary arrangements to reach .
  5. Maintain Anonymity : working candidates finds it extremely difficult to disclose to his/her employer about their new company job interview for fear of loosing their jobs.
  6. Procrastination: Own habit of procrastination the candidate does not shows up for interview .
  7. Scheduling Conflict: With the current scenario, candidate can get multiple interviews scheduled on the same date and time which makes impossible for them to reach on time .
  8. Interview Location: Candidates may have some constraints for interview locations due to personal reasons like parents ill health, financial crises because of which they want to give interview in only specific locations. But not all employers give access to such options. So candidates choose to drop out of interview.
  9. Company’s Image: Less branding of a company leads negative impact about companies impression in the society like , low payers , poor work culture, poor working conditions etc. Knowledge of these discourages candidate to go for interview.
  10. Ample opportunities: Today candidates wants to go for further studies and increase their knowledge base by pursuing further studies abroad in big universities so they choose to stay out of interview even if the opportunity is exciting .

Smart companies are started adopting innovative technologies to overcome most of these challenges mentioned above. Companies uses innovative softwares to manage end to end applicant engagements includes ATS (Eg. “Bullhorn” ), chat bots (eg.”mya”), employer branding softwares, social media and Online interview platforms (eg. “” ) and many more to ensure better Interview show-up ratio.

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