Recruitment Gone Wrong 

Recruitment is an exciting action packed space with challenges galore and umpteen stories. These tales range from funny, moving to inspiring and even scary. With recruitment team working under so many constraints and moving targets, its not surprising things do go wrong.

From Awesome Interview to Abysmal Hiring

This candidate was experienced and hired to put up a great show . As soon as she joined she started to know the process and hold team meets. But soon her interest dwindled and instead of taking initiatives she join the bad company of insincere low performers. She would make no efforts to learn about the role.She started to come post lunch and engage in office gossips. More than the asset she became the liability to company . Soon she was serverd with the notice. Such cases of bad hire can be dealt with if we start using the software that filters top 10 percent appilicants .The final result can give some idea about the personality triats of candidate much before hiring.

Everything that Glitters is not Gold

Sometimes the candidate seems to be alright on paper .When called upon for interview they cut a sorry figure. They are shabbily dressed ,or don’t show-up on time or if by any chance they are hired , they put a question mark on preferences of hiring managers .Even the good hires in company start to doubt their value in company.The use of modern technology like AI , data science in hiring has revolutionised the entire hiring process. We have assessments , video and coding that can help us understand the candidate’s worthiness for interview call much before they are actually served with one.

Don’t count chicken till they hatch

After a strenuous hiring process , the nightmare for any recruiter is when a selected candidate choose not to join. The underlying reasons for this scenario could be the natural disinterest of a candidate in the role offered. After all the job offers are not the contracts that candidate is abided by. This usually happens when candidate is not happy with work culture, or lack of transparency on employer’s side , improper communication regarding roles and responsibilities etc .So to avoid this candidate should be made aware of underlying challenges involved so as to avoid unpleasant surprises at later stage.

Commitment Catastrophe

Now a days when millineals are window shopping for various jobs ,it is utter waste of time and energy if they turn down an offer at last minute . The company’s should keep their policies and job description very easy to understand so that before choosing to appear for hiring the candidate should understand the offerings well in advance .Also to avoid such disasters a candidate should be checked for his personal goals , values , preferences as well.

Square Peg in round hole

Sometimes candidates wrongly choose to appear in an interview , without understanding the exact requirements for the role.Later on such candidates turn out to be least productive and hardly motivated after they join . So it is very important for the recruiter (inside or outside the company )to clearly state the roles and responsibilities in job description , so that they choose to appear in right interviews for right reasons .

Here are some of the key takeaways from these recruitment stories gone wrong :

  • Multidimensional feedback of a potential hire instead of a unilateral view, which could often be biased
  • Detailed and Well thought plan for on-boarding of new recruit for a great first impressions and engagement
  • Ensuring Alignment of a candidate from his aspirations, values, preferences to provide longitivety in role
  • Leverage technology for multimodal and multi dimensional screening as screening is the key element to identify the right fit, You may use the tools like to identify the right fit

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