Video-based assessments is trending in the recruitment and hiring industry. But why is it so awesome and how can it benefit your company? Read on to find out more. Video-based assessments are basically video recorded answers to a question. Sounds simple enough right? But the benefits and ease lie in its simplicity. The candidate can answer most types of organisation, technical, or personality-based questions. Because the video captures the candidate’s facial expressions, so much more can be gained from this.


Candidates are able to do the video-based assessments in their own time.  This helps the candidates because they don’t have to take time of their current job and they can do it when they are comfortable and relaxed. This in turn, shows through the video-assessment. Candidates are more likely to be their true selves and put their best foot forward because of the relaxed environment. Hiring managers win because it saves the company time.  The hiring manager or interviewer does not have to take so much of time out of his or her busy schedule. It also saves the time of having to confirm a mutually convenient date and time for the interview.

Premium Digital Assets

Another great benefit is the develop of premium digital assets in your database. Unless PDF documents of resumes can be difficult to short-list because everything is just on paper. Someone could be perfect on paper but doesn’t have the right personality to fit into your company culture. Thanks to video assessments your database can now include premium digital assets such as videos of candidates answering specific questions, and videos files for each candidate. Another great feature can be used should your organisation prefer it, is the conversion of video into text. Artificial Intelligence Human Resources company’s such as Tophyre are able to provide such features.

Expedites Hiring Process

Because of time being saved the hiring process is expedited. Top tip: Give the candidates a deadline in which to complete the video-based assessments. Imagine how awesome it will be when you could receive 20 video-based assessments from candidates all in the space of 1 week? It is definitely possible with technologies such as Tophyre. So much of time can be saved on actually acquiring the information, that the HR department has more time to focus on other aspects.

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