One of the new HR trends is the implementation of a shorter working day. Employees will work fewer hours but complete the same amount of work as before. It’s common knowledge that it is almost impossible to be productive throughout the 8-hour work day and everyone knows about the after-lunch slump. Which was probably one of the reasons the shorter workday came into play. Employees will work for an hour or two less but will earn the same salary as before. The workload will not be reduced but employees will work more intensely to complete it in the shorter time frame. There are many benefits to a shorter workday, not just for employees but for employers as well:

Greater work-life balance creates a happier workforce

Health should be the number one priority for every single one of us, but it rarely is even on our list of priorities. A lot of us fail to realize the link between health, happiness, and productivity. A workforce with a better work-life balance will be happier and more productive. They would achieve the company’s goals and complete the same tasks if not more then they would have with a normal 8-hour work day.

Greater focus and productivity .

If people are pressured into completing their task by, say 3pm. They would be highly motivated to focus and produce the results so they are able to get off work at an early time. This works great for employees because they will be able to beat the traffic, spend more time with their kids, pursue hobbies etc.Employers gain from the increase in productivity and thus creating a win-win situation for everyone! Who wouldn’t want to implement a shorter work day?

Helps in Staff Retention and Attracting Talent.

A shorter work day could be just the thing to attract talented candidates. More and more people are seeking a better work-life balance and a shorter work day is just the thing for that. A better work environment is also developed because of the increase in staff happiness levels. This greatly helps in retaining staff. Another factor is that people would prefer to have extra time rather than extra money, which makes a company that implements a shorter work day a sought after company.We hope these benefits have highlighted the usefulness of implementing a shorter work day and why this is trending in the industry.

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