Best HR tools of 2019

Best HR tools of 2019 Not sure which HR Software tool to choose from ? Here are a few tips and options to consider before you decide. The must have robust feature of a good HR Tools is that it must adapt to your needs depending upon size and budget of your company. Also there

Top ten reasons why candidates don’t show up for interview

Companies spend a sizeable amount of time and money to conduct interviews and identifying right candidate, thinking that candidates will be shortlisted and join soon. From candidates perspective it is an opportunity to be invited for interview by company he/she is aspiring to join. Still not everyone shows up which is disheartening and frustrating as

Effort spend on Hire Vs Quality of Hire

Effort spend on Hire Vs Quality of Hire Looking for a new candidates to hire in your organisation and not sure how much time to invest to get the right hire? If this is bothering you, then read on. Hiring is tedious process, I am sure you agree on this. This involves advertising the role,

Recruitment Gone Wrong

Recruitment Gone Wrong  Recruitment is an exciting action packed space with challenges galore and umpteen stories. These tales range from funny, moving to inspiring and even scary. With recruitment team working under so many constraints and moving targets, its not surprising things do go wrong. From Awesome Interview to Abysmal Hiring This candidate was experienced

Benefits of Video-Based Assessments in Hiring Processes

Video-based assessments is trending in the recruitment and hiring industry. But why is it so awesome and how can it benefit your company? Read on to find out more. Video-based assessments are basically video recorded answers to a question. Sounds simple enough right? But the benefits and ease lie in its simplicity. The candidate can

Benefits of a Shorter Work Day

One of the new HR trends is the implementation of a shorter working day. Employees will work fewer hours but complete the same amount of work as before. It’s common knowledge that it is almost impossible to be productive throughout the 8-hour work day and everyone knows about the after-lunch slump. Which was probably one

How Important is Choosing the Right Question for the Interview

As with other things in life, we sometimes do something because it’s the norm. But how is it actually helping us move towards our goal? Human Resource departments have been using roughly the same set of questions for most interviews, especially when it comes to behavioural/situational questions. But it is important to choose the right

5 Ways Start-up Recruiters Can Reduce Their Recruitment Stress

Start-ups are dynamic, exciting, and modern companies hitting the world by storm. As most people know a lot of work goes into running start-ups. Because start-ups start of small, hiring the perfect candidate is essential to building the environment and atmosphere that you envision. Because of the vital importance of hiring when it comes to

5 Common Recruitment Mistakes that are Impacting Your Candidate and giving a Bad Experience

1) Calling candidates into the office unnecessarily In this day and age, a lot of things can be done online or remotely. A common recruitment mistake is calling candidates into the office unnecessarily. This puts extra strain on you as well as the candidate. A well planned out recruitment process will decrease the number of

4 Ways to Increase your Company’s Offer to Joining Ratio

You have found the ideal candidate. Perfect personality, fit for your company culture, and will definitely fit the job description. You send the offer letter, they decline. Why? Has this happened more than once for your company? Read on to find possible solutions and to increase your offer to joining ratio Consistently Update and Communicate

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